Wales – Day #1
We’ve had a great first day.
The drive went perfectly and we stopped off twice, once for toilets and once for lunch. We arrived just after 2pm and our instructors gave us a tour and a welcome talk before we made our own beds and settled into our rooms. Everyone was happy about who they got to share with.
We’ve spent this afternoon walking the river, something we loved. It was slimy, slippy and because of the rain the river was running really quickly. We worked in 3’s and one of us was blindfolded, some of us got very, very wet but the suits, wellies and helmets we were given helped keep us dry and safe.
We’re currently having some time in our rooms before dinner at 6, we can choose Pasta or Chicken Pie tonight. We’re then going to relax and watch a film before lights out at 9pm, we’ll need the sleep, tomorrow is a busy day!
Speak to you all soon.
All our love – Year 6.