Pemberley Pals


Download our brochure detailing all you need to know about Indiana, Percy, Lola, Rita, Christina & Alec. Learn how they help our students to improve, and play the Victorious Values game!


The Persevering Mole

PERCY never gives up; he just keeps on digging, always looking for ways to defeat any obstacles he encounters! When he gets stuck, he does his best to think of other ways around!


The Independent Thinking Cat

INDIANA always puts his mind to the problem. He finds there’s no situation that isn’t improved by having a sneaky think about it first. He always looks before he leaps!


The Listening and Understanding Owl

LOLA is there for her friends; If you have a problem, she’ll listen, no matter what. Her words of wisdom often help, but sometimes just listening will help her friends do what’s right!


The Creative Octopus

CHRISTINA likes to make and do; She shares her thoughts and feelings through drawings and songs. She wants you to know that Art isn’t hard, as long as you keep trying!


The Accurate Hawk

ALEC takes his time, to try and get things right! When he knows his target, he does all he can to make sure his aim never misses! He looks for the details so he’ll always be spot on!


The Responsible Risk-taking Squirrel

RITA is brave but never silly; She knows when to make the leap, and when to stay put! She considers all the options quickly, then boldly goes, and is often the first to succeed in her dreams!

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