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  • Year Two

    Welcome to Butterfly Class!

    Mrs Rowe is Butterfly’s class teacher, along with Miss Farmer as a trainee teacher. We have a broad curriculum to promote learning in a fun and exciting way as well as taking care of the well-being of the children.

    Class Information

    Weekly Timetable

    Long Term Map

    This year we will cover these topics:

    • Autumn Term 1: Well-being
    • Autumn Term 2: Fairytales
    • Spring Term: Where in the World?
    • Summer Term: Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!

    For a more detailed outline of the curriculum coverage please see the relevant Curriculum News below

    Important Information

    • It is no longer required for children to complete Key Stage 1 National Assessments, however, we will still be sitting the tests as part of our end of KS1 assessment in May.
    • Children who did not meet the expected standard in phonics will receive daily phonics lessons and will be required to participate in the Phonics Screening Check in June 2023.
    • Children will need to be in PE kit on Friday ensuring that they have a sports jacket/jumper (in line with uniform policy).


    Little Wandle

    At Pemberley we follow the Little Wandle Scheme for Early Reading and Phonics. Children are taught daily and will read with one of their teachers 3 times a week. To ensure the effectiveness of the reading program we ask that parents engage with the ebook at least 3 times a week for the children to ‘show off’ and practise what they have been learning in class.

    There are three types of book that your child will be able to access at home:

    • An ebook: THIS IS THEIR MAIN READING BOOK and should be practised at least 3 times throughout the week. This will be at the correct phonetical stage for your child. They should be able to read this fluently and independently (see link below for more information on how to log on).
    • A reading book: This is an additional book which has been matched to the correct phonic stage for your child.
    • A sharing (library) book.  This book is chosen independently by your child and they may or may not be able to read this on their own. This book is for you to read and enjoy together. This does not have to be in school daily but will be changed on a Friday if they would like to (feel free to keep it longer).


    Your child will be able to gain their bronze badge in Year 2. This means they can answer 25 random questions in 25 minutes. In order to gain their badge they must be able to do this for: 2 times tables, 5 times tables and 10 times tables. We will start this later in the year.
    Number sense – your child has daily maths lessons and a mastering number session. Please encourage your child to use the Numbots website below to help their number skills.

    Useful Links



    Mrs S Rowe

    Year Three Class Teacher / Early Reading and Phonics

    Mr L Mewes



    The importance of reading at home cannot be overstated. Develop a love of reading is a huge passion of Pemberley’s and it is key that children begin this journey as soon as possible. Reading books are provided to support children with their Phonics development, focusing on sounds and tricky words covered during the week. Books will be changed once the book has been read twice in full. It may be the case that a child receives the same book on more than one occasion, however that is simply to ensure that sounds and words are continuously practiced. Some children may struggle to read these books and may require adult support whilst others can read them fluently with an apparent degree of ease. In all cases, encourage children to discuss and explain parts of the text to stimulate curiosty and imagination. It would be fantastic if children could read additional books at home to broaden their experience of reading and embed that love of books.


    • Phonics screening
    • KS1 Statutory Assessments

    Clubs and Super Saturdays:

    After school clubs, and Super Saturday sessions will be an opportunity for kids to practice their Phonics, Maths and Writing skills dependent on progression throughout the term. More information will be available nearer the time but please note that this will provide a great chance for children to develop key skills whilst engaging in fun, enjoyable and physical activities.


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