At Pemberley Academy, we believe that it is important for pupils to take part in whole school assemblies and collective worship.  Each day children will either attend an assembly (virtually at the moment) or take part in a ‘Moment of Reflection’ in class.  We discuss many different religions, traditions, British Values, current events and other important topics.

Our assemblies follow a weekly format which consists of:

Monday – Whole School Assembly which is based around British Values, special calendar days, religious festivals, etc
Tuesday – Class Assembly – PSHE/Wellbeing focus
Wednesday – Whole School Singing Assembly with Mrs Fish where children are required to sing very lightly and diligently supervised by teachers. Current songs focus on songs with sign language and/or a link to themes.
Thursday – Class Assembly – Thoughtful Thursday or sharing of class book.
Friday – Whole School Rewards Assembly where teachers award certificates for Star of the Week, Pemberley Pals Learning Dispositions and Wellbeing Awards. 

Please note that Pemberley Academy does not endorse and is not responsible for any content of third parties.


Each week the children participate in a Singing Assembly with Mrs Fish. We sing songs that reflect our core values, our current topics and/or seasonal songs. We are also learning sign language through some of our songs. Many of the songs have been chosen from suggestions by the children.

Dave Brubeck
– Take Five

…We are thinking about:

Earth by Hans Zimmer:

Composer – Terry Riley

Reach 2 song

Focus Musician – George Ezra

Songs we are learning for fun
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