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    Pemberley Prefects

    At Pemberley Academy, we believe that children should be given the opportunity to lead and help others. Many children thrive when given duties and responsibilities, and we believe that having these responsibilities enable children to play an active role as citizens of our school.

    At Pemberley Academy, we believe that prefects have a very important role to play in the day to day organisation of our school. As only Year Five and Six pupils are allowed to apply for this position, it is considered to be very important and prestigious. Prefects are very much like junior members of staff and are expected to take their role seriously.

    The position not only allows the pupils to lead by example and demonstrate their responsibility, it also enables the younger children to learn from good role models.

    Every prefect has to apply for the job and their applications go through a selection process. There are however two points of application during the year to allow all children to gain the experience of the additional responsibilities and privileges that come with this very important job.

    Whilst the Head Boy and Head Girl prefects are elected by all staff members, all other prefects are identified by staff, themselves or peers and encouraged to apply for a prefect position.

    Once their application has been successful, prefects are awarded badges in a whole school assembly and have their picture displayed on the school’s Prefect display.


    Roles and responsibilities

    Pemberley Prefects must lead by example at all times in their behaviour, the respect they show to others and their school uniform.

    They take on many roles and have many responsibilities, and have specific jobs each week which are allocated on the Pemberley Prefects display board.

    Specific Prefect Jobs

    • Lunchtime Supervisors – help with cutting up food, supervising and talking to
      children, help with trays and cleaning up
    • Playleaders – lunchtime equipment and behaviour support
    • Library Monitors – keep the library tidy and organised
    • EYFS Buddies – helping with EYFS children on the playground and as needed in the classroom.
    • Hall monitors – set up benches, do lunchboxes, monitor pupils, hold doors, helping with laptop
    • Reading Buddy Club – reading with children at lunchtime
    • School Ambassadors – showing visitors around the school
    • Peer Mediators – help children to solve arguments
    • Wellbeing Watchers – helping to identify who may be struggling with loneliness, unhappiness, anxiety, etc.
    • Wetplay Monitors – help in the classrooms when there is wet play


    The Head Boy and Head Girl meet with the Head of School and/or the Deputy Head of School regularly to discuss school developments. They will also lead the school council and work with the Deputy Head of School to timetable prefect responsibilities.

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