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    Active Essex Awards

    20 After school clubs per week.
    Super Saturdays.
    Healthy schools status.
    Numerous sports teams.
    Quality curriculum PE.
    Providing a base for local sports teams and holiday clubs.
    If you think we deserve to be nominated for an ‘Active Essex’ award in the Educational category follow the link below and give us a nomination, we’d hugely appreciate it.
    Pemberley Academy. Home of the Panthers.

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    Would Pemberley Academy programme inspire you to teach?

    Great article this week about how our ‘Teaching futures’ programme is helping us to grow the next generation of professionals for Pemberley and Harlow.

    A Harlow primary school has launched an initiative to encourage more individuals into teaching.

    Pemberley Academy, in Hodings Road, is now operating a Teaching Futures programme which seeks to use current undergraduates or postgraduates in volunteer positions.

    Applicants who enjoy the experience may then wish to become trainee teachers.

    Neil Coster, headteacher, said: “Teaching futures is not a new concept as more and more schools are having to run programmes like this one to future proof themselves.

    “Essentially there are not enough young graduates coming into the profession. This is our way of trying to engage with them from the point of when they are at university and support them through to trainee positions.”

    Read more at http://www.harlowstar.co.uk/would-pemberley-academy-programme-inspire-you-to-teach/story-30031016-detail/story.html


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